Realms of the Rykris

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Rykris/Cosmoraic/Cosmoreyik/Kosmoraik – ‘Cosmos Kingdom’ – the cosmos; the universe; all that exists.

9 Realms* – 9 different sub-rykrises/regions within the Rykris

Spheres/wourldes – planets within each Realm; 23 in total

Asphydor – 9 spheres

Maalidor – 3 1/2 spheres

Čellimor – 3 spheres

Berigox – 2 spheres

Ysthyria – 2 spheres

Nodepierce – 1 sphere

Mintagreyt – 1 sphere

Palindriy – 1 sphere

Lavyndor – 1/2 sphere

1/2 sphere –  severed during the Schism (see below) by a damaged Seam; uninhabited except by fell servants of darkness

Seams – the cosmic fabric dividing each Realm; parts of them ripped during the Schism (see below)

Schism – the Great Fall; when the first beings brought a curse upon the cosmos through their own evil

Portals – paths betwixt Realms through seams

Wormholes – enemy-infiltrated portals

Synods – the four different groups, as designated by the Academy of Ëarglinn, of inhabitants who live on the sphere of Ërian. Each synod has their own homeland in Ërian with which they identify when travelling abroad.

Personality Quizzes

Which Archetype Do You Belong to in Ëarglinn?

Take this quiz to find out which Archetype/Synod – Shadow, Rider, Mythic, or Savant – you belong to based on your personality.

Which Archetype Do You Belong to in Ëarglinn?

Which Animal Relic Would Be Your Companion? 

What Relic Would Be Your Companion

* These realms are documented in Dimi’s First Account of the beginning of the Rykis but are there substituted with the names the Glimmdrad gave them:

Asphydor – Eordä

Maalidor – Menendrian

Čellimor – Varë

Berigox – Sythroth

Ysthyria – Ortari

Nodepierce – Isien

Mintagreyt -Vélimgath 

Palindriy – Aeldor

Lavyndor – Telehíl