Annotations – Part Two: The Sixth Account – Of Magic and its Uses

And now we arrive at a subject most diligently studied by the narrator but of which, despite his utmost exertions, he understands only a very small part, for there are beings in the universe far more excellently practised in this art and who have mastered many forms of that mysterious entity we mortals call magic. [...]

Annotations – The Fifth Account: Of Beings Betwixt the First and Second Veils

As Elonru deemed it worthy to divide the work of His hands from His own abode among the Reality - that vast Unknown which lies beyond the First Veil, whereamong he may dwell as He pleases - so also did He deem it honourable to place a Second Veil between the earth and its ayre, [...]


velaas dans-el boske ruinas dans-las hohas castiios en l'arena luzses en-la ventaana raiios d' luna sur l'aguua musgo sur-las piedraas duros sont-los aniios a grandeza polvo en-el zsielo les nuages sur l'aguua h'mbres dans-les nuages guardián embelesaado avec bokas mentirosas demonios entraron ses sueniios - diheron ça, et el conkistador podría h'ber estchado korrekto - [...]

Silent Night

Part One A frozen and bare wasteland. Ice sheets pelt the night sky with unrelenting fury. Between the Two Poles sing the sweet strains of carols, crashing against the thrum of a glass of milk and the hum of the liquid splashing inside the glistening container. And it crashes against the glass as if crying [...]


Hello. Nice to have met you. I'm dead. You might be confused. It's understandable. But I'm the dead version of you. That's me. And right now, you are looking at me with envy. Wishing it would all go away and somehow still come back. I'm so sorry.  I'm so, so sorry, my friend. I know [...]


and a living puzzle i cannot solve and a bloody chest i cannot open the Key is there within reach within sight Therein lies the power and the balance between death and life i reach and i know to grasp It would spell the end of the murky and shuddering cave wherein Hangs the Key [...]


Little luminescent glowes, fire-flies of fyre, dancing round where no one knows, spinning so much hygher. Gentle rocking, off to sleep. Eyelids shut in dreaming.   Luminescence sparkling on faerie wings. Lullaby in the darkening whilst the even sings. Rest your head, let The Guardian of nyght keep -you til dawn's gleaming.   Unelma antaa siivet [...]

The Elements

Glass wall - constructed - a last resort against the climate once believed to be home. Does not glass permit some transparency? Still I do not know... If only those outside saw me waving - before, frantically; now, half-heartedly. "I am still here - I have not left you alone in the dark.' But who [...]

Des boites

Il est facile avoir peur de la route difficile. It is easy to fear the difficult road. Il est facile être silencieux quand tous les autres ont l'avis le plus bruyant. It is easy to be silent when everyone else has the loudest opinion. La neige est belle jusqu'à ce qu'elle devient une avalanche. Snow [...]