Annotations, Part II – The Seventh Account: Etcetera

This is, quite literally, nothing more than a brief summarisation of general knowledge concerning the respective inhabited Realms:

Asphydor (Ëorda):

  • Currency: Varies, but the Draðr has profoundly penetrated to other Realms as well
  • Inhabitants (as of the time of this writing): Many Men; a few Glimmdrad remaining from the old councils of long ago, many hidden wee-folke (particularly Gruagachs)
  • Emblem: A Lamb and Lion decorating both sides of a simple, triangular crest

Maalidor (Menendrian):

  • Currency: Klove; many Dwarves in this Realm use tabs as a form of trade (rather than credit); Draðr
  • Inhabitants: Dwarves, Imrakiim (half-bloods from aelf, faerie, and/or dwarf unions – outcasts in many other Realms)
  • Emblem: A hammer, sword, and anvil comprising a triangular crest

Qwellimor (Varë):

  • Currency: Unknown; the Glimmdrad often use various beloved items or forms of trade (such as heirlooms or tutoring in a desired craft). The leaves of the Elifrys tree are prized above all other leaves; the Draðr is looked down upon in this Realm.
  • Inhabitants: Glimmdrad, Hawkinfaye, Ice-Glimmdrad (‘Frostguards’), Varathgardmen; few Men otherwise dwell here. Those who do either know the Glimmdrad intimately or not at all, for the faere-folke living among the skyes and tundra are more kindly inclined to their human countreparts than are the folke of the forest.
  • Emblem: Elifrys leaf for certain clans and councils; varies among the rest

Berigox (Sythroth):

  • Currency: Draðr, as the Leprechauns here are adamant and persistent tradesmen and skilled in their dealings with other merchants and passer-byes. 
  • Inhabitants: Scholars of renown (various bloods); Leprechauns; the great Academy of the Archetypes sits within Sythroth, in the land of Eriann.
  • Emblem: Scroll and Compass

Ysthyria (Ortari):

  • Currency: Unknown; the folke of this Realm are quite secretive and shun foreigners
  • Inhabitants: Fawns, Hybrikin (those who are half-bloods, like the Imrakiim), anthropomorphic beings, Aelves (half-blood Glimmdrads)
  • Emblem: None

Nodepierce (Isien):

  • Currency: Pearls (the rarest of these is Amethyst’s Bane – a deep, purple pearl, the source of which is guarded carefully by the sea-folke of Isien).
  • Inhabitants: Sea-faeries, Selkies, Merfolke. No land dwellers to be found.
  • Emblem: Sea-Ring atop a Selkie

Mintagreyt (Vélimgath):

  • Currency: Unknown
  • Inhabitants: Realm of Paradox; fraught with mysterious sages and scholars who are more secretive with their knowledge and whereabouts than their Sythrothian countreparts; some say they are descendants of ancient men who learnt precious secrets of the Glimmdrad. Others say they are Aelves themselves. Other unknown inhabitants.
  • Emblem: Unknown

Palindriy (Aeldor):

  • Currency: Though none know for certain, it is speculated that glass made from the Silver Sands of Nodepierce is highly treasured here. The Aeldorians are some of the few traders who occasionally visit Nodepierce.
  • Inhabitants: Land-faeries, Griffins, Centaurs, Dryads, Sprites, Wee-folke, almost no Men, if at all, live here (or visit for that matter)
  • Emblem: Land-Faerie with the horns of a Centaur and the wings of a Griffin

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