Annotations – The Fifth Account: Of Beings Betwixt the First and Second Veils

As Elonru deemed it worthy to divide the work of His hands from His own abode among the Reality – that vast Unknown which lies beyond the First Veil, whereamong he may dwell as He pleases – so also did He deem it honourable to place a Second Veil between the earth and its ayre, and the skye and its starlit cloak; and a Third Veil to both separate and contain the Nine Realms – as a luminescent helix with spokes – and unite them in praise to their Maker. This Third Veil suffered gaping, gruesome holes and weakening among its Seams when Ëyord fell and thus initiated what has been called the Schism ever since. In some places the veil tore completely – as if the tension wrought by the grief of the errant Glimmdrad had strained it so that it snapped. It was by this cause that the Sphere Blasborg in the Realm Lavyndor is now but two severed and charred halves, inhospitable to any bloods or creatures save for those belonging to the fell forces, for they are empowered by witchcraft, and a dark and deadly magic it is.

Between the First and Second Veils then, Elonru fashioned beings to serve Him through worshiping of Him and through guarding the Realms, and these, as aforementioned by the narrator in his first account, are called the Nondori, and these were of three types: the vaeren, the nolvi, and the irruim. But among the Realms such beings are called Serafim by most and Eruim by others; both are, to tell the truth, rather incorrect terms and gargophacly* generalised, but they are, nevertheless, recognised and thus will be used hereafter by the narrator, with the understanding that they are but generalisations and guesses as to a subject of which mortals haven’t the faintest idea.

In status beneath these are creatures of both earth and skye – immortal they are not, yet akin to stars they appear (and thus, are often mistaken for such by Earthen); and these, too, are charged with the task of guarding the realms, but they are not messengers; few indeed have ever had the magnificent honour of seeing Him or of passing through the Second and First Veils, but in songs and poems they write of Him, which lyrics are then passed on to the stars and sung for millennia beyond the ages of Men and mortals – it is of these lyrics, then, that new Guardians (for such they are named) are born.

As for the stars themselves, the Writings tell that their Maker knows each one by its own name. Among the Earthin-wisting, however, no one knows from whence they come or to where they go, or even if or when they die; it is only recorded in the Hasenrede that they shuddered when Ëyord fell; and it is told that as Elonru grieved in his heart, in such cutting, wrenching agony that there are no words, no – none – to express such sadness, a few stars again shuddered, then began writhing in a song that was of no joy as they were formed to sing, and, torn by the grief of Elonru, they bled, flickered, collapsed within, and died out.

*Here as in other instances, the narrator juxtaposes colloquialisms familiar among his land and blood: this word, particularly, signifying grossly or extremely.

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