The Elements

Glass wall –

constructed –

a last resort

against the climate

once believed to be


Does not glass permit

some transparency?

Still I do not know…

If only those outside

saw me waving –

before, frantically;

now, half-heartedly.

“I am still here –

I have not left you alone

in the dark.’

But who knows how long

it may stand as such?

Doesn’t glass break easily?

‘Make it bulletproof –

they cannot hurt you then.’

Even what is bulletproof

must bend beneath that sort

of force.

‘You cannot grow

by shutting the world out.’

Nor can I blossom while

I have no space

to breathe.

I have cursed many

because I constructed walls

that I myself found too strong,

in the end,

to tear down.

Will this barrier remain –

will it crack –

will it also become


Will I grow within

the glass wall,

or will I run out of ayre?

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