The Hare

An out-of-characteristically-modern train-of-thought. Apologies accepted. 


A rabbit ran into the sun;

I watched it burn to powder.

A raven pulled a dog in two,

And still its bark was louder.

The moon began to set behind

the cloudy ocean-skye.

The man inside bit a lemon-rind

and watched the raven die.


An elephant in the living room

was hidden behind some chairs.

The burning plants and wedding-groom

attacked your grizzly bears.

The sparrow flew around your head

and landed on the floor.

I think the bird was smarter

than the dog who barked before.


Your front door wood has chipped

the raven and your table-tops.

They rust and break, disintegrate;

the clock corrodes and stops.

That heirloom in the corner

well, it’s finally out of luck.

I don’t believe in gambling,

but your bang has lost its buck.


You’ve probably heard the whole thing through

and tried to make some sense.

But honestly, it’s in my head,

I wouldn’t take the chance.

We overthink our circles

and we fit them in a square.

So welcome to my rabbit hole –

I think we’ve lost the hare.








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