The Hare

An out-of-characteristically-modern train-of-thought. Apologies accepted.    A rabbit ran into the sun; I watched it burn to powder. A raven pulled a dog in two, And still its bark was louder. The moon began to set behind the cloudy ocean-skye. The man inside bit a lemon-rind and watched the raven die.   An elephant in [...]

Quiet Battles

"You know,  the arrogance I felt once and the spite I clutched have become the knives whirling and whistling through the translucent aeyre to cut me and to kill me."   Reflection upon reflection. Rym returned the stare.   "Forgive the heart in which I once despised. Forgive the spirit I wielded. The gashes they [...]


Mortals are not the only things to fall. Ideas fall. Words fall. Icicles fall. But what is left in the wake of each? I think of this because I met her who once stood in that wake without a turning of the bleeding heart. This ideal she held has burned, thrice now leastwise, and those [...]


I am not sure which was to be part of me, Or which is now. Am I the robin or the squirrel? Who has walked the path between, and which side of light has seared me? Is the grey black or white, Or have I drawn a line of chalk Down the middle of the [...]