I wonder how many times I have said one thing and

meant exactly something else.

Unbelievers expound that we

are no different than the unbelieving –

so they say: science has apparently ruled

over our hypocrisy, and we

are reduced to law-making lawbreakers –

so they say.

And if the agnostic and I

were to stand side by side, yet each

alone, upon the pillar of our merit,

then our temples would fall.

The one who worships God

and the one who worships self –

we have hid in the dark,

but only one ran towards the light.

Light hurts – it has already been Said –

Light sears, burns, revealing

every little flaw, every secret, every shadow

in every corner.

But perhaps, it was told me,

after the pain,

I may find

that I like myself better

because of the love of Another.

If only honesty were valued above fame

and truth above treasures.

If only mistakes were made to learn from,

not to hide.

The dance of perfection in which we pose

is a silhouette that has scarred righteousness.

And yet –

it is our reflection that we seek to find in the mirror.

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