I wonder how many times I have said one thing and meant exactly something else. Unbelievers expound that we are no different than the unbelieving - so they say: science has apparently ruled over our hypocrisy, and we are reduced to law-making lawbreakers - so they say. And if the agnostic and I were to [...]

Burning Water

It was a nice hill. A simple mountain. Hard to climb, easy to fall from. And that was it. The two Gruagachs sat without a word amidst the pensive stillness. It was a long rest before Yeweth's pipe ceased to cast its calme, trailing drizzle of smoke toward an auburn-greying skye. His gaze alighted on [...]

Ødelagt Skjold

Once again, a fool – or, perhaps, some broken whatever-you-are, poor, confused soul, blanketed in self-pity and ignited in comparison: I must needs relinquish a death-grip on a hope that is not mine to grasp, for a far better one bids my steps follow it. I had chosen one and now I find there is [...]