The Billow-Diddi

The tragic and altogether meaningless tale of how one good person’s window-billows escaped his house. ~ Dmitri Scolét

I pinned them shut and with a smile walked about my day.

Home I came – to my surprise, the billows got away.

I frowned in thought, looked up and down, and could not find the cause,

and thus I fastened them again, still wondering what it was.

Come and go, here came the night, there went my day again.

I found them loose and straying off and wand’ring in the den.

In deep frustration I affixed the billows to the sill,

and bade the feather-headed, pompous sheets obey my will.

Next morn I strutted out the door; the lock I bolted fast –

and proud of my accomplishment, I left in peace at last.

Come eventide, I beamed while I returned to my abode

until I spotted both the sheets escaping down the road.

Vehemently I challenged and disclaimed the mocking act –

no mind, the billows rode the wind and cheerfully waved back.

A pity – that’s the last I saw of either billow-sheet,

And in conclusion, might I know if you are not asleep?



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