The Billow-Diddi

The tragic and altogether meaningless tale of how one good person's window-billows escaped his house. ~ Dmitri Scolét I pinned them shut and with a smile walked about my day. Home I came - to my surprise, the billows got away. I frowned in thought, looked up and down, and could not find the cause, [...]

A vociferously recommended party that is sorely lacked in many places

Swelling with fantastic happiness, he greets me with a neatly tanned face. Not many could see the greatness to which my friend would rise, but now his presence is most certainly etched in the memories of those who have met him. My companion disappeared for a little while to enjoy his small sun and returned [...]

That’s Heaven

I was at one of Matt Papa's concerts recently. As the piano gently sang beneath his fingers, he thoughtfully looked at the crowd and spoke: "One of the fundamental things everyone desires is to be known and to be loved. If you're known, but not loved, that's rejection; if you're loved, but not known, that's [...]