An entirely unplanned prologue that wonders how long it must be to serve as a legitimate introduction…

This may be a story. Or it may not. One really can't know when he's in the middle of living it. I'm rather inclined to think it is one, albeit infinitesimally small, hidden away in some nook of history. But I said small. That does not necessarily mean insignificant. How does the story end? When [...]

The Gift

The sky danced. Fingering the worn, tattered parchment, Karia glanced upward at the heavens. Auras of blue, green, purple, and various other colors sifted through the immense, concealed expanse. Her gaze returned to the shale-lands about her. Small, brittle stones dusted the hardened snow.  Philosopher, skeptic, outcast, enemy of herself - she frowned at the [...]

An cailín sa scáth

Being the second leod in the lore-song of Enwë-mindiari.  Unscathed by broken hands, her soul unbounded fell when nigh they carried one who was troven by the knell.   She limped behind the death-march in pall and shallow breath, a lone, forsaken heiress - a cripple for a death.   The wound-cloth she espied, and [...]


White blanket scattered, tattered upon the frozen knells, where the silent wood-aelf dwells,   bounding o'er the hilltops. Dewdrops turn to glass, silent while travelers pass.   Gently gliding frost-dust, Gusting among the barren trees Carried along by biting breeze   through a welcoming court-geard - starlight guiding the crystal ash that softens the windward [...]