One set out for failure

willing to meet his doom.

Six before him died,

each in an unnamed tomb.

Stepping behind a prophet

who’d led the six to die, 

out of love they fell behind

the man with the falcon’s eye. 

Love showered the prophet;

death traced its mark. 

The unenlightened man

led another out of the dark.

The prophet, aye, he was guided

by a merciful, loving Hand. 

The fingers that guided him were the ones

the dark could not withstand.

Fell shadow’s bow was bent;

it’s sword reared back to fall.

Love’s form stepped ‘neath its deadening thrust

and died to save them all.

The arrow condemning the guilty

sliced the air to hit the One

Who’s Hand guided the prophet

and guarded the Sixth Knight’s son.

You treasonous went free – 

let the earth resound and ring:

you lost were saved by One – 

The One Who died Is King. 

© 2017 Fynland Arkwood. All rights reserved.

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