*warning note: explicit; may be triggering to some Made sure to break my back Made sure to build my walls. Made sure I wasn't sick Or they would make me crawl. I'm fucking sick and tired Of dead surgical swarms I don't want a switch implanted in my back anymore. Keeping me alive for the [...]


Who do I think i am exactly? Focus so much on the outside I forgot my heart I forgot what mattered Until it was broken. And i couldn't point fingers In any other direction, Couldnt lay the blame on Anyone else, Couldnt tell them they Made my life hell Bc im the one that did [...]


The anticipation of hurt readies you. The expectation of hurt destroys you. Learn to be okay with hurting. It doesn't mean it is right or just that there is hurt in the wourlde. It just means that Love is stronger than pain and anger. Love is powerful enough to not grow stagnant in these dark, [...]


Rock Paper Scissors Now my knuckles bleed from paper cuts. Rock paper scissors My fingers were mutilated by doubled knives. Rock paper scissors A rock split my skull open. My arrogant heart Learnt that day to never Bet on a life. I hope the ones who taught me how to gamble my soul away are happy. [...]


velaas dans-el boske ruinas dans-las hohas castiios en l'arena luzses en-la ventaana raiios d' luna sur l'aguua musgo sur-las piedraas duros sont-los aniios a grandeza polvo en-el zsielo les nuages sur l'aguua h'mbres dans-les nuages guardián embelesaado avec bokas mentirosas demonios entraron ses sueniios - diheron ça, et el conkistador podría h'ber estchado korrekto - [...]